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March 30, 2021

In two days—the day after tomorrow—I’m programmed to get my first Covid-19 vaccine.

I’m a bit worried as my health is not at its best. I’ve gained weight since the pandemic began, and I wasn’t stick-like to begin with.

The truth is, I am more than just a bit worried, but I’m trying to calm down my inner voices with other counter inner voices that bring to my mind the data and the statistics that I’ve read about this vaccine—I’m getting the Pfizer one. There seems to not have been significant bad adverse reactions to it. The worst that happened was that some people have contracted the virus even after they had the vaccine and some have died. So it was like not taking it at all. But that just means that you have to be careful even after taking the vaccine. It protects you of severe illness from the virus, not of catching it in the first place.

But let’s hope for the best. It’s the only thing to do right now.



March 28, 2021

There is a full moon today, and I tried to take a picture of it. The lights on the street are interfering with it, but never mind. I remember I read someplace that because of the lights in the cities it’s harder and harder to watch the stars in the sky at night.